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10 TikTokers to Follow If Maximalist Design Is Your Vibe

published Sep 4, 2023
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If you’re on home decor TikTok, you know all about maximalism. Often characterized by an abundance of bright colors, eclectic patterns and textures, and expressions of individuality, this style is the antithesis of the sleek, understated minimalist trend that’s reigned supreme in the design space for many years. 

It’s important to note there’s no singular flavor of maximalism. Sub-genres of maximalism like the vacation-inspired tropicalcore and the Gen Z-approved dopamine decor are huge right now, but you can also give any style a maximalist touch — whether you’re going for a moody vibe, a more-is-more version of cottagecore, or your own unique amalgamation of colors and pieces that speak to you.

Another benefit of maximalism is that it doesn’t require maxing out your credit card to get the look. You can thrift items, make DIY decor with your roommates, and use family heirlooms to create a maximalist style. For students looking to turn their dorm rooms into a space that showcases their personality and creativity, there’s plenty of inspo on TikTok to get you started on your maximalist journey. 

Here are 10 creators to look to for all the bold, attention-grabbing inspo.


New York City-based creator Maitri Mody (@honeyidressedthepug) documents her frequent thrift finds, including colorful glassware, funky artwork, and retro furnishings to show viewers how she curates her eclectic, maximalist space. She also posts thrift flips and furniture updates, like transforming bland pieces by painting them bright colors. Her content provides tons of inspo for creating a vibrant, dynamic dorm look on a budget. And bonus: You can spot her adorable pug, Ari, in many of her videos!


This wouldn’t be a list of maximalist TikTokers without mentioning one of Dorm Therapy’s very own Student Contributing Editors, Sydney Hargrove (@sydneyhargroveee). The Hunter College junior’s New York City studio apartment is full of eclectic and youthful pieces that will inspire you to go big with your decor. (And be sure to check out the rest of the Dorm Therapy team for living space inspo, college living advice, product recommendations, and more!)


Los Angeles-based Maya Symone (@mayaxsymone) provides the ultimate gallery wall inspo. She creates stunning, salon-style displays featuring art from Black artists, family photos, and eye-catching prints. Maya’s videos also demonstrate how students can continually update their space, as she’s frequently redecorating and rearranging her studio apartment.


Saraa (@sareishh) combines modern maximalist decor with retro, Y2K-inspired throwbacks. Although she’s in a grown-up home, her content is still totally approachable for students who love conversation-starting pieces and fun little trinkets. The vignettes of her space showcase how to decorate with budget-friendly items like colorful beads, fun prints, and quirky, thrifted odds and ends. If you’re looking for someone to validate your need to buy a planter shaped like a loaf of bread, she is a must-follow.


Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Tatiana Wise (@styledbytati) is a pro at mixing eras and aesthetics for truly intriguing interiors. The San Francisco State alum thrifts everything from art deco prints to vintage posters and shows how to merge them with modern-day pieces and aesthetics. She’s the one to watch for a side of fashion inspo along with your decor tips.


Meghan Morrow (@meghanmorrow5) is a UNC Wilmington senior who shares updates on how she’s decorating her shared house during her senior year. The best part is that most of her decor videos feature art she made herself; she specializes in bright, colorful paintings. Whether you’re an artist like her or just interested in DIYing your own maximalist space, she’ll inspire you to explore your crafty side.


Josh Jessup and Matt Moss (@joshandmattdesign) have mastered the art of serene maximalism, providing a sophisticated take on the trend. They definitely lean more aspirational than approachable in terms of the decor they use and projects they take on, but college students can still get a ton of helpful insight from them. Employing elements like ambient lighting, complementary artwork, and airy fabrics, Jessup and Moss’ TikTok is a masterclass in maximalism that’s cohesive, not chaotic. 


If your maximalism tends to lean into cottagecore, U.K.-based creator Sarah Laming (@ahometomakeyousmile) is right up your alley. Her videos can teach students how to craft a dorm room brimming with character that also feels grounded and homey — or, as she puts it in her bio, “relaxed maximalism.”


Texas State student Lilli Gould’s (@lilligouldd) TikTok bio says, “live life in color,” and that’s exactly what she does. While most of her videos center on her OOTDs, it’s what’s going on in the background — aka her colorful, personality-filled bedroom — that really speaks to maximalist design lovers. With pops of hot pink in every corner, bold clothing and accessories prominently displayed, and shiny mirror balls reflecting light in the bright space, it’s giving Barbiecore meets disco glam.


Self-described as a “minimal farmhouse survivor,” Dani (@danidopaminedecor) rebels against simple decor with a loud, in-your-face style that’s destined to give you an instant mood boost. Her videos show how small, affordable additions like patterned pillows, DIY art, and thrifted tchotchkes can make a big difference.

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