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9 Thrift-Tokers to Follow for Secondhand Decor Inspo

published Jul 18, 2023
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In a time when trends come and go faster than it takes to swipe up on an IG story, it can be daunting to create a space that feels timeless. Luckily, in recent years, more and more people are turning to thrifting to design and decorate their spaces, selecting secondhand treasures that transcend trends.

Thrifting isn’t just a great option for aesthetics — it’s also a fantastic budget hack. You can find all sorts of high-quality items at very low costs. Plus, the rush when you find the vintage velvet sofa or rare art deco lampshade simply cannot be beat. 

However, if you’re new to thrifting, it can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? What kind of items should you be looking for? How do you know if the oil painting you fished out of a bin is a hidden, pre-loved gem, or just a $5 mass-made reject? 

For me, TikTok is a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to thrifting. There’s a diverse community of Thrift-Tokers who will encourage you to discover new and unique ways of decorating your space, and teach you how to do so effectively and affordably. 

Here are nine TikTokers who embrace the joy of sourcing sustainably to inspire you to thrift your dream home. 


Atlanta resident Sym Clark, aka @thethriftguru on TikTok, is a prime source for all things secondhand decor. Known as the “CEO of Thrift Flips,” Clark fills her feed with vlogs of her thrifting adventures and the use of thrifted items in her home. As she takes viewers along on her thrifting journeys and projects, she shares knowledge and tips on starting thrifting for beginners.


Alexis Winchester’s page is filled with aesthetic vlogs in her cozy and thrift find-filled home. On her page, you will find thrift hauls and items she seamlessly incorporates into her warm and cheerful space.


Stephen, the self-described “Thrift King,” takes followers on “Thrift with Me” journeys throughout Washington, DC, where he finds fantastic decor pieces. And for new thrifters, he has a series called “Things I Wish I Knew About Thrifting,” in which he passes down his knowledge and tips on how to become a better secondhand sourcer. 


Carlotta Cisternas is an interior decorator based in Denver who knows her way around the secondhand space. She has a fun series in which she recreates rooms similar to ones in homes of celebrities such as Troye Sivan, Dakota Johnson, and Vanessa Hudgens, using items from Facebook Marketplace and sharing her tips for finding the best pieces. Not only does she frequent online thrift sources, but she is also an expert at estate sales and often records how she finds retro and vintage decor that works incredibly well in her 1950s-styled home. 


Based in Tampa, Ashley Hernandez is dedicated to finding affordable, thrifty home decor. She takes followers along on her adventures, showing what she’s thrifted and how she’s styled it in her home. Her “thrift w/me” videos will inspire you to run to your closest thrift store to find cool and unique gems. 


Chelsey Christina is a Thrift-Toker who is currently designing her home using only secondhand furniture and decor. She regularly visits flea markets and estate sales, and is a pro at finding free furniture on Facebook Marketplace. She has so many great finds that you can’t help but be envious of, like the coffee table she scored for free. Her videos will motivate and inspire you to get out and thrift an entirely new home. 


Ruqiya Imtiaz-Uddin is thrifting goals. The interior designer’s page is filled with tips for achieving a high-end space on a budget. Her page consists of thrifting vlogs as well as videos showing how she styles the items she has thrifted. She also has videos on how to decorate your home with elevated DIYs and thrift flips. 


Minnesota-based Caroline Ecker has an eye for design, with a series on her page showing how she styles the decor she has thrifted. Her go-to thrift spot is her local Goodwill, but she frequents estates and rummage sales as well. If you’re into unique and quirky decor items like abstract paintings and interesting textures, this is the account for you. 


Connor Sweeny is a furniture flipper whose before-and-after transformation videos will have you yearning for a new DIY project. He takes damaged, old, or boring furniture items and turns them into new and improved ones you would not have even recognized before. His page takes viewers along the journey of the flipping process so you can get ideas for how to find used furniture items and flip them into something you’ll love. 

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