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37 Instagram Captions to Hard Launch Your New Roommates

published Aug 16, 2023
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For those in shared living spaces, college move-in day is the kickoff to one big, 10-month-long sleepover. It’s a time to start fresh, get to know new roommate(s) and friends on a deeper level, and establish new routines and traditions that will make your space feel like home. Whether you’re rooming with your bestie, getting a house with a big group, or paired with a stranger, living with others isn’t always easy — but it’s important to remember that having a roommate can be super fun. It teaches you about compassion and compromise, and you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself along the way. 

So, as you begin this new journey, you’re probably going to want to share this exciting life update with the world — and what better way to do that than with a hard launch on Instagram? Here are some Instagram caption ideas for a fun roomie reveal.

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Instagram Captions for Two Roommates

  1. No longer accepting roommate applications
  2. They told us to get a room… so we did.
  3. Roomie material 
  4. It’s giving package deal.
  5. My twin flame 🔥🔥
  6. Doubled up
  7. My platonic life partner
  8. My roomie-in-crime
  9. Hard launch, roommate edition
  10. Your favorite black cat and golden retriever duo 

Instagram Captions for a Group of Roommates

  1. Sending apologies to our neighbors in advance
  2. Introducing the cast of my daily sitcom
  3. When do we get our own reality show?
  4. My chosen family 
  5. Roommates who slay together, stay together.
  6. When I say I won’t tell anyone your secret, my roommates don’t count.
  7. I will never let them do stupid things… alone.
  8. Surprisingly, we tolerate each other.
  9. Who let us live together?
  10. Let the yearlong sleepover begin.

Instagram Captions for Randomly Assigned Roommates

  1. From strangers to roommates
  2. Can you believe we were strangers yesterday?
  3. New spaces, new faces 
  4. Roommates by fate, friends by choice
  5. Shoutout to the Student Affairs office for this one 
  6. Do you believe in roommates at first sight?
  7. Took a gamble and hit the roommate jackpot.

Pop Culture-Inspired Instagram Captions for Roommates

  1. This Barbie has a new roommate
  2. The Patrick to my SpongeBob
  3. “Here’s a toast to my real friends” – @taylorswift, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  4. “You can count on me like 1, 2 3” – @brunomars, “Count On Me”
  5. “World’s best roommates – Michael Scott” – me
  6. “I get by with a little help from my roommates” – @thebeatles, “With a Little Help from My Friends”
  7. ””My roommate ’til the end, my better half, no pretend” – @sabrinacarpenter, “Seamless”
  8. “Anytime you need a roomie, I’ll be here. You’ll never be alone again” – @mariahcarey, “Anytime You Need a Friend”
  9. “I’ll be there for you” – The Rembrandts, “I’ll Be There For You”
  10. “Oh my god, they were roommates” – @mattsukkar

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