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33 IG Captions to Show Off Your First College Apartment

published Sep 1, 2023
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Moving into your first college apartment is a momentous occasion that marks a new chapter of your life. Whether you’re moving off campus after a year or two of dorming or going straight from your family’s home into your own space, getting an apartment is another huge step into adulthood. It’s a time filled with newfound freedom, life lessons, and a whole lot of fun — especially as you set up your space. 

Once you’ve purchased all your appliances and decorated everything just so, it’s time to make it IG official and let the world know about your big life update. But what words should you use to caption such an important post? Don’t worry — whether you’re thrilled about your new place or nervous about the drastic changes it may bring, there’s bound to be a caption in this list that speaks to you. 

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Short and Sweet Captions for Your New Apartment

  1. Party at my place! 
  2. New school year, new space 
  3. The vibes are immaculate
  4. POV: You just moved into your first apartment
  5. The great apartment reveal I’ve been hyping up is finally here
  6. Hey, MTV, welcome to my crib
  7. It’s possible I may never leave this apartment
  8. Honey, I’m home! 
  9. “I’ve waited all year for this.” —Belly, The Summer I Turned Pretty
  10. Home sweet apartment
  11. Can’t wait to make this place my whole personality

Captions About Embracing Change and Growing Up

  1. I’m off on a new adventure … as long as I can find my keys
  2. “That’s life. It’s all change.” —Barbie
  3. Head of household, reporting for duty
  4. Entering my homebody era
  5. It’s the independence for me
  6. All grown up
  7. “Home” looks a little different these days
  8. I make the rules now 
  9. “Every moment is a fresh beginning.” —T.S. Eliot
  10. *Looks around for an adultier adult*
  11. Wait, I have to pay rent now?
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Captions About Leaving the Dorms Behind

  1. I’ve upgraded from twin XL to queen-sized dreams 
  2. Never stepping foot in a communal bathroom again
  3. Fluorescent dorm lighting? I don’t know her.
  4. BRB, burning my shower shoes
  5. Lemme upgrade you
  6. From dorming with hundreds of classmates to my very own place 
  7. It’s giving upperclassman
  8. Do you see this kitchen? The dining hall could NEVER.
  9. I finally get to cook something other than ramen
  10. Quiet hours don’t exist here
  11. Bye, tiny dorm room. Hello, slightly less tiny apartment!

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