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This Is the Most Surprising Use (Ever!) for Your Extra Throw Pillow Case

published Apr 9, 2024
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Flying has gotten expensive, and most people are doing everything they can to cut down on extra charges and fees when they travel. And usually, that means a checked bag is the first thing to go. But what happens when you absolutely need to bring a few extra clothing items that just won’t fit in your carry-on or personal item? Well, according to TikTok, you can sneakily stuff your extra items in a throw pillow case.

“Seeing if the overpacking pillow hack works on the plane,” a TikTok user named Brianna wrote over a recent video. “I bought a zippered pillow case at Ross before my flight. I put all my extra clothes that didn’t fit in my carry-on in the pillow case. It was so heavy.”

Although Brianna wasn’t sure if this hack was going to fly (pun intended) because she already had a backpack and carry-on suitcase, she wrote that she made it through the gate without any issues. At the end of her video, Brianna showed what she was able to fit in the throw pillow case and it looks like she had a complete outfit tucked away.

Of course, this hack might not work for everyone or with every airline. As commenters pointed out, some airlines that are super strict with their baggage policies may not let you through the gate with any extraneous items (including pillows). 

“This did not work for me and I had an actual pillow,” one person wrote. “If you’re flying Spirit, they will check,” another commenter added.

But others say that trying it may be worth the risk. “I had a neck pillow that you could take the insert out of and I had that bad boy stuffed with clothes,” one TikTok user wrote. “I’ve done it a few times,” another person wrote, adding, “I have a special cushion/pillow case for this.”

If you’re interested in trying this hack, make sure you don’t put your favorite items in the pillow case, just in case the gate agent won’t allow it through. Or, pick up a duty-free bag after going through security, just in case.

You gotta do what you gotta do, and sometimes that means having to get a bit crafty to save a few bucks on airfare. For many, this is a risk worth taking!

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: This Is the Most Surprising Use (Ever) for Your Extra Throw Pillow Case

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