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As a Certified Messy Girl, This $8 Product Has Saved My Bathroom Counter

published Nov 8, 2023
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Thinkspace Beauty Rotating Cosmetic Organizer, White
Credit: Walmart

Confession: I’m the type of person who will trash the entire room while getting ready if I don’t have everything easily accessible. If I can’t find the exact shade of lipstick I need to complete my look, I’ll upturn my entire bathroom to get to it — and if I’m in a rush, you can forget about me putting anything away. The fact that I’m constantly getting influenced to buy new cosmetics (thanks, TikTok!) doesn’t help with my messy behavior.

When I moved into an off-campus apartment this school year, I made it my goal to find the right product to minimize my clutter and make my getting-ready process smoother. My apartment’s bathroom is quite small, so I knew I needed to find an organizer petite enough that it didn’t take up the entire counter space — especially because I’m sharing the bathroom with a roommate.

The product’s design was also important to me. In the past, I’ve tried using the traditional makeup bag, acrylic drawer organizers, and makeup trays. They each have their merits, but they all had the same problem: My makeup brushes would leave residue and they’d look messy — sometimes, they’d even get permanently stained. I determined I would need something that would be able to hold my makeup brushes without actually touching the bristles.

Considering I was moving into my first apartment, and therefore needing to buy a lot of stuff, I also had to be sure that whatever organizer I found would fit into my very tight budget. That’s why I was thrilled when I found a product that not only met my criteria, but was also only $8 at Walmart.

What first caught my eye about this organizer was that it rotates, meaning I can have an at-a-glance view of everything stored in it and grab exactly what I need without digging through a bunch of other stuff to get to it. It also has several compartments, so I can separate my products into different categories (skincare, eye makeup, tools, etc.) for even easier access. 

Credit: Madison Harrison

I’ve had this organizer for six months, and I’m happy to report I’ve still yet to stain it. Because I can store my makeup brushes upright in the center, the organizer never has to come into contact with the makeup left over on my brushes’ bristles. And when I do occasionally spill makeup on it, I can easily wipe it off with water or a wet wipe and it looks good as new.

This organizer is perfect for storing cosmetics essentials in a small space, but if you’re like me and you have a big beauty product collection, you’ll probably need to store the rest of your less frequently used items elsewhere — or just buy a few of these organizers and store them wherever you have counter, shelf, or cabinet space. Also, while it’s sold as a cosmetics organizer, I think it’s a great option for decluttering office supplies, too. We love a versatile find!

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