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This RA Divided Her Cozy Dorm Room into Zones for Peak Organization

published Aug 1, 2023
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bed in dorm room with large window, white bedding, flower pillow and other decorative throw pillow
Credit: Angie Arias

Angie Arias, an RA at SUNY Oneonta, shares how she made her single dorm room feel like home by displaying items she loves without her space feeling too cluttered.

All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

Angie’s Space

Tell us how you ended up in this dorm room: The room was assigned to me by the school’s Residential Life, as I’m an RA. When I first moved into my room, I thought it was very small and I was nervous to see if everything would fit. Once I found an organization system that was both functional and contributed to my aesthetic, though, my room transformed into my sanctuary.

Credit: Angie Arias
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What was the organization system that worked for you? Sectioning my room into zones made my small space functional and motivated me to work in my space effectively. 

What’s your dorm room best known for? My little sanctuary is known for being a place of peace and relaxation. On TikTok, my dorm room is best known for my Reset Sunday Routine videos. Every Sunday, I show followers how I reset for my week, which includes cleaning my space, doing self-care, and relaxing.

Credit: Angie Arias

Angie’s Style

Define your personal home style: When it comes to my style, I am all about cozy vibes and comfort. Anything pink, sign me up. Neutrals and pink are seen throughout my whole dorm room.

What’s your favorite element of your space? My clothing rack. Displaying my favorite clothes adds color to my room, and it’s so fun to change out the clothes every season. 

What are some must-have dorm products you recommend? Acrylic storage bins are aesthetically pleasing, help you see everything you have, and give everything you own a home. You can maximize your space with different storage bins, including storage under your bed and in your closet. Also, having a bedside lamp may help make your room feel cozy and it’s a nice decor touch.

Credit: Angie Arias
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Angie’s Budget

In an effort to remove the stigma associated with talking about money in college, we’re asking students to share how they plan and budget for their space.

How much does your housing cost per semester? Around $5,990, but it’s free for me because I’m an RA.

What was your biggest splurge for this space and how much did it cost? My most expensive item is my TV — my mom bought it for me and I believe it cost around $300.

Credit: Angie Arias
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Angie’s Advice

What was your biggest challenge in creating this space? There were a lot of trials and errors in organizing all my stuff in this small space, but once I set up the zones in my room, it was easy to utilize every part of my room. I just moved around the furniture to create a functional flow. Experimenting with your space may help you with creating a functional system, too.

Credit: Angie Arias

Favorite dorm hack? The best dorm room hack I have would be covering your tabletops with contact paper. It helps spruce up the look of old dorm furniture and ties in the aesthetics of your room. I love how sleek my desk looks with my glossy marble contact paper.

How did you make your dorm room feel like home? I filled it with everything that reminds me of what a home is: pictures of my family, motivating quotes, my vision board, throw pillows and blankets everywhere, along with little pieces of decorations that represent who I am. Being in college is stressful as it is, so creating a safe place where I unwind and relax was a very big priority for me.

Credit: Angie Arias

This submission’s responses were edited for length and clarity.

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