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My Entire Morning Routine Hinges on This One Product

published Oct 26, 2023
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Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light

Early morning wake-ups have never been my favorite thing in the world — especially during the dark, dreary winter months when there’s not even a hint of sunlight peeking through my windows to help me feel energized. I’d always used my iPhone alarm, but it didn’t particularly inspire me to hop out of bed right away. Finally, in my second year of college, I decided to actually do something about my less-than-ideal morning situation (other than grumble about needing coffee, that is).

After reading about sunrise alarm clocks and seeing them all over TikTok, I decided to try one for myself. 

Credit: Lauren Fant

What Is a Sunrise Alarm Clock?

A sunrise alarm clock — aka a wake-up light or dawn simulator — mimics a sunrise by gradually emitting light at the time it’s programmed to do so. (Many also include the option to add sounds.) This is meant to help people wake up in a more natural, calming way (you know, rather than waking up in darkness to a blaring alarm sound coming out of your phone).

My Sunrise Alarm Clock’s Features

After searching the internet for an option I could afford on a college budget, I went with the Antdalis Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light on Amazon because it looked cute, was well-rated at 4.3 stars and over 1,700 reviews, and was less than $40 — a better price than most clocks I saw with similar features.

Speaking of features, this product has a ton of them. It offers multiple color settings and adjustable brightness; I personally love the standard setting, which mimics the sunrise starting with a soft red light, then turning into orange, then brightening until the room is filled with a bright white light. You can use sounds (including rain sounds, ocean sounds, soft music, and more) to wake up or fall asleep to. It also offers a snooze function and FM radio.

Credit: Lauren Fant

Why I Love My Sunrise Alarm Clock

I’ve noticed such a difference since I started using this alarm clock for my early morning wake-ups. By the time the alarm sound goes off and I open my eyes, there’s already some soft light in my room — enough to make me feel awake but not too harsh or overwhelming.

I also use this product as a lamp throughout my day. It emits a soft white light that works well with my neutral, cozy decor. (Although, with the other fun colors you can select, you could also use it to give your space some fun vibes. Purple lights for an impromptu dance party, anyone?) 

With a season full of dark mornings coming up, I already know I’m going to be relying on this alarm clock to help get me out of bed when the sun won’t be able to. If any other college students share my struggles, I highly recommend picking up one of these and bringing some (faux) sunshine into your space. 

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