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Tell Me Your Studying Vibe and I’ll Tell You What Playlist to Listen To

published Nov 24, 2023
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Whether you’re cramming for a final exam or simply getting ahead on your reading assignments, I firmly believe music can make any studying session more enjoyable. But if you don’t know what to listen to, you can waste a ton of precious study time scrolling through Spotify, trying to find the perfect playlist. That’s why I did the research for you.

Instead of agonizing over finding music that will inspire you but still allow you to concentrate, take a look at the list below and choose whatever speaks to you the most. I handpicked these playlists to fit all kinds of vibes and meet a variety of requirements. There are playlists with fast songs and ones with slow songs, playlists full of popular hits to keep you entertained, and playlists without lyrics to keep you locked in on your work. 

So crack open your textbook, put on your thinking cap, and press play.

For the lo-fi lovers: “Study Session – beats to focus to” 

This playlist, curated by the Spotify-famous Lofi Girl (seriously, she has 1.7 million followers) features over five hours of calming, groovy beats. With no lyrics to distract you, you can nod your head along to the ambient music and stay in the zone.

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For long-lasting good vibes: “HYPE STUDY SESH

Seventeen full hours of upbeat, genre-spanning hits? Spotify user Maggie Evenrud knew what she was doing when she put this playlist together. Just try to be grumpy about studying when you have Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” bumping through your speakers.

For your main-character moment: “romanticizing studying – calm vibes

If you want to channel your inner Rory Gilmore with a calming soundtrack full of romantic songs, Spotify creator natalia has the perfect score for your study session.

For when the cold weather makes you moody: “studying but in winter

Maybe it’s truly frigid outside, or maybe you just want to trick your brain into thinking it’s frigid so you don’t have FOMO from being stuck indoors — this is the playlist for either scenario. Spotify user Lily put together eight-and-a-half hours of moody music that’ll make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and get lost in your textbooks.

For those ~serious~ times: “instrumental music for studying

Can’t focus when you’ve got lyrics to sing along to? This playlist by madi on Spotify has over 24 hours’ worth of classical music, movie scores, and instrumental versions of pop songs.

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For a café atmosphere: “studying at a coffee shop

Want that coffee shop feeling without actually going to (read: spending money at) a coffee shop? This playlist will help you feel like you’re in a bustling café, even if you’re just drinking Keurig coffee from the comfort of your dorm room. 

For a beat-driven sesh: “Study chill rap, FOCUS RAP

For the ones who don’t like to relax during a study session, this playlist by Roland Velasco will bring the good vibes — and maybe a little dancing.

Yes, we’re in an era in which Taylor Swift gets her own category of music (and dorm decor, BTW). This playlist, curated by an account called ana, features only instrumental covers, bringing you all the Swiftie joy, minus the distraction of her masterful lyrics. 

For a blast from the past: “Study 2000s Style

As Jen wrote in the description of their playlist: “It’s probably 2 a.m. and I’m tired. But no! I’m a student whose only source of energy at this point is to listen to 2000s hits (give or take a few years).” Let Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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