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How to Celebrate Pride Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Jun 25, 2024
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June 1 marks the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a time of year dedicated to honoring and uplifting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. When most people think of Pride, they probably imagine bustling parades or jam-packed parties. However, those are just a couple of the many ways LGBTQ+ people can celebrate their pride.

This June, why not let the stars shape your Pride plans? Astrology provides useful information about every aspect of your life and personality — including how your zodiac sign likes to let loose. Plus, this ancient wisdom tradition is incredibly popular among LGBTQ+ people. If you’re queer or trans, there’s a good chance that you already consult your horoscope for guidance.

Keep reading to learn more about the best Pride activity for your zodiac sign. Are you already familiar with your full birth chart? Even better! Also check out the blurb for your Venus sign, which represents what you find fun and pleasurable.

Aries: Join a queer sports league.

Fiery Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and physical activity. Your sign loves to move your body, so why not do so in the company of other LGBTQ+ people? Join a recreational queer sports league or gaming team to connect with new people while honoring your dynamic, competitive nature.

Taurus: Host a small gathering with friends.

Venus-ruled Taureans love to indulge, but thanks to your fixed nature, you also prefer the comfort of your own home over virtually any other place. Celebrate Pride Month by hosting an intimate gathering with a few of your closest friends. You’re not skipping out on parties — you’re just bringing the party to you.

Gemini: Attend a queer mixer or speed-dating event.

Geminis are one of the four Air signs, or the social butterflies of the zodiac. You also answer to fast-moving Mercury, the planet of learning and communication. A queer speed-dating event is the perfect setting to flex your characteristic charm and wit. And if you’re not interested in dating, attend a Pride party or social mixer with the intent of making new friends.

Cancer: Volunteer with a local LGBTQ+ organization.

Cancers are naturally comforting and protective — thank your ruling planet, the Moon, which governs emotions and home life. Embrace your inner nurturer by volunteering with a local LGBTQ+ organization. You’ll find it enjoyable and fulfilling to facilitate programs that serve other queer people in your community.

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Leo: March in your city’s Pride parade.

Like the Sun, your sign’s planetary ruler, Leos exude warmth and light. Spread those good vibes around by marching in your city’s Pride parade. You’ll feel equally energized by the swaths of revelers around you — and with your natural fierceness and charisma, you might even attract some admirers.

Virgo: Support a queer-owned business.

As a practical Earth sign, Virgos prefer to show solidarity in a tangible way. Your sign’s planetary ruler, Mercury, also governs merchants and marketplaces. That’s why you’ll love patronizing queer-owned businesses or pop-up Pride markets in your city. You can shop to your heart’s content while directly supporting queer artisans and small-business owners.

Libra: Throw a large Pride party.

As a chatty Air sign, Libras thrive in large groups. Celebrate your queer friends and lovers by throwing a blowout Pride party. Your Venus rulership makes you a natural peacekeeper, so don’t fret over inviting any exes to the same function. With your easygoing demeanor, the vibes will stay jubilant and harmonious.

Scorpio: See a drag or burlesque show.

Elusive, Mars-ruled Scorpios innately appreciate anything controversial or culturally taboo. That’s why you should attend a queer drag or burlesque show this June. As a sensitive Water sign, you’ll admire the pathos these performers bring to their art, and you can feel good about supporting drag in a time when conservative lawmakers want to ban it.

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Sagittarius: Travel to a gay hotspot.

What do Fire Island, Provincetown, and Puerto Vallarta have in common? Each of these destinations is a hotspot for queer travelers — and the perfect Pride locale for Sagittarians. As a Jupiter-ruled Fire sign, you’re passionate about travel, and you have no problem partying it up with strangers. Embrace your wanderlust for a truly one-of-a-kind Pride.

Capricorn: Visit a queer historical site or museum.

Capricorns answer to slow-moving Saturn, the planet of responsibility and longevity. Your sign understands the importance of studying history to honor the queer activists of decades past who worked tirelessly to advance LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance. Be sure to visit a queer historical site or museum during Pride. You’ll walk away with new knowledge and perspective.

Aquarius: Participate in a political action.

As the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarians care deeply about social issues. Put your Saturnian sense of responsibility to good use by participating in a political action in support of LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance. Depending on the laws in your city or state, you might opt to rally in defense of drag artists or transgender and nonbinary people.

Pisces: Go out dancing.

Ethereal, fun-loving Jupiter also rules Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. For you, sweating it out on the dance floor is nothing short of transcendent. Make sure your Pride plans include at least one night out with friends. As a fluid Water sign, you’ll love moving and grooving in a sea of queer revelers.

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