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This NYU Senior’s Dorm Room Comes with Sweeping Views and a Full Kitchen

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Manhattan, New York, New York
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desk/workspace and dining table in white dorm room
Credit: Sasha DuBose

With a full kitchen and sweeping views of the city, New York University senior food studies major Sasha DuBose’s dorm room rivals many postgrad apartments in Manhattan.

Sasha’s Space

Tell us about your space: My room faces southwest, so I get lots of natural light. Plants, crystals, and DND dice are scattered across my sunny windowsill. My walls are covered with photos, posters, newspaper clippings, art, and cards from friends. I have LED lights that cut on at sunset, and a kitchen most college chefs would envy.

How’d you end up in this room? I’m an RA, so when I was assigned to the 14th floor of my building, I was stoked! I’ve lived on campus for the past three years, and this room is easily my favorite. 

Credit: Sasha DuBose
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What’s your favorite element in your space? My windows, hands down. My windows give the illusion that I have a corner room, but in reality I do not! When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I just sit at my kitchen table and gaze into the clouds. This is my first room where I have a proper NYC view, and I savor it every day.

What is your space best known for? My space is the best for relaxing and unwinding. Because I am so close to campus and public transportation, I love having friends over so they can take a moment to breathe and be present. A wave of relief washes over me every time I walk into my space, and I love sharing that sensation with others.

Credit: Sasha DuBose
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Sasha’s Style

Define your personal home decor style: Eclectic, organized, and maximalist. To me, home means walls that are covered with memories, from postcards to photos. Almost every surface in my dorm has something adorning it, even my microwave!

What’s your proudest product hack? I can turn my LED lights and lamps on and off with my phone! I have to give my dad credit for this wizardry; he was so excited about my space this year and had to help me take things to the next level. He plugged my LEDs into a smart plug and connected them to the Govee Home app, so I can turn them on and off. He also scheduled them to cut on at 5 p.m., so when I come home after a long day, the warmth of my LEDs welcomes me. He also got me another color-changing lamp that is between my bed and my desk. My go-to lighting has been pink LED lights in my hallway and the lesbian flag colors on the lamp. It makes my room feel so cozy!

Credit: Sasha DuBose

Sasha’s Budget

In an effort to remove the stigma associated with talking about money in college, we’re asking students to share how they plan and budget for their space.

Do you have anyone helping to fund your housing? Yes, my housing is covered by my RA role.

Do you have anyone helping to fund your decor? Yes, my parents.

What was your biggest splurge in this space? My Le Creuset for sure ($430); luckily it was a birthday gift from my mom!

Best budget find? Putting up all my birthday cards as decor — it’s free!

Credit: Sasha DuBose

Sasha’s Advice

What was your biggest challenge in this space? I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years! My room last year had more storage space than my room this year, so I was in for a rude awakening when I brought all of my things from last year on move-in day! 

Also, I love to cook, and last year I did not have a kitchen in my room. So when I moved into my space this year, roughly half of my items were for my kitchen. Mission number one was finding a home for my microwave that did not block my cabinets or take up too much space. My dad brought me a small butcher’s block that just meets NYU’s outside furniture policy measurements, and it is the perfect home for my microwave that also serves as additional prep space. (Fun fact: This butcher block is older than me — my parents got it 25 years ago!)

Credit: Floor plan: Courtesy of NYU Housing; Annotations: Sasha DuBose

Do you have any RA wisdom to share? Baking soda and dish soap will solve almost all of your cleaning problems. Stained shirt? Baking soda and dish soap. Burnt dinner in your favorite pan? Baking soda and dish soap.

What’s your final piece of advice for students who want to recreate your vibe in their dorms? Anything can be decor. I started with putting my completed to-do lists on my wall because I liked the stationery I used. It slowly evolved into putting handwritten letters, business cards, records, coloring pages, and more all over my walls. Once I realized that anything could be decor, I finally had the room of my dreams. 

This submission’s responses were edited for length and clarity.

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