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5 Products in My College Apartment That Help Me Practice Mindfulness

published Sep 22, 2023
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We’ve all had those overwhelming days in college. You woke up late for class, you fought with your roommate, you submitted your assignment late — the list goes on! But as a fifth-year senior, I’ve had plenty of time to learn that, while I know I can’t avoid mishaps and stressful situations (that’s life!), I can find ways to handle them. 

For me, this includes practicing self-care, with a focus on mindfulness and meditation. I know, I know: A 10-minute meditation session isn’t going to magically turn your C- midterm grade into an A+. But it can help you cope with your situation — and put you in a headspace to do better next time. 

Mindfulness practices have been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression, and even help with sleep. Personally, I’ve experienced a noticeable, positive shift in my mood and mindset since beginning my mindfulness and meditation journey when I was a freshman in 2019. 

There are plenty of ways for individuals to practice mindfulness; for me, I like to dabble in various activities that promote mindfulness, whether it’s taking five minutes to write in my journal, meditating for 15 minutes, or doing yoga for an hour. I try to do one thing for my mindfulness practice every day, and I’m pretty sure I will be a mindfulness stan for life. 
Of course, it might sound daunting to a busy, exhausted college student to even consider adding yet another thing to your to-do list — but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think to start a mindfulness practice of your own. Below, I’ve created a list of the items I keep in my college apartment that help me practice mindfulness every day.

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Yoga helps me feel calm and centered, but if downward dog isn’t your vibe, there are plenty of other uses for this mat. In addition to being a great tool for exercise, it’s also a comfy place to rest while meditating or journaling. I love this mat in particular because of its extra plushness — and there are so many color choices!

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Different scents can help you get in tune with your senses and provide a relaxing atmosphere, so having a nice-smelling space is important to my mindfulness practice. I got this diffuser a couple of years ago and it is still my all-time favorite product. It's small and cordless, so you can put it pretty much anywhere, and it emits a beautiful light so you can avoid the harsh Big Light in your space — especially at night. (Bonus: This is a great option for those living in the dorms, ase candles are contraband.)

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Because I live off campus, I’m allowed to burn all the candles I want — and do I ever. With a delightful earthy scent and affordable price point, this is one of my go-to candles I keep in my apartment. Watching the little flame flicker while I focus on centering myself during a meditation session is so relaxing — especially at the very beginning or end of my day.

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Eye Swoon

I’ve just started using incense during my yoga sessions, and I can see why they’re so hyped. The combination of woody scent that fills my whole room and the visual of the delicate smoke it emits creates a supremely serene environment. Sometimes, I even base the length of my yoga sessions on how long the incense burns — I’ll try to keep going until the whole stick is used up (which usually takes about an hour).

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Journaling is one of the most powerful tools of my mindfulness practice. It allows me to reflect on what I’m grateful for, work through problems that are bugging me, and check in with myself. I also use my journal to jot down affirmations that I say every day — and sometimes even sketch out some drawings as a way to visually manifest what I want in life. Every time I journal, I feel a sense of calmness afterward, and I’m able to carry that with me throughout the rest of my day.

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