This $5 Hack Finally Solved My “Clothes Chair” Problem

published Nov 16, 2023
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When I first moved into my freshman year dorm room, I quickly realized the overall space and my storage options were extremely limited. Because of that, I needed to be super intentional about where I put things. My school stuff belonged in my desk drawers, my cleaning supplies got stashed in my under-bed storage containers — you get the picture. But one category of stuff I simply could not get under control was my clothing. Sure, I had a closet and a small dresser for storing all my clean clothes, and a laundry basket for my dirty stuff … but it wasn’t enough, and as many people do, I ended up with the dreaded “clothes chair” in my room.

ICYMI, the clothes chair is the place where you keep either clothes you wore but aren’t ready to wash before wearing again or clothes you’ve tried on, ended up not wearing, but didn’t have time to put away yet.

For me, I stored both types of clothing on my clothes chair, as well as a secret third option: random items I use often and need accessible to grab and go, like my notebooks, headphones, etc.

I’m not 100% against having a clothes chair — do whatever works for you! — but it just wasn’t working for me, namely because it took up the only seat in my tiny dorm room (aside from my bed), so I wasn’t able to sit at my desk to do work, put on my makeup, or just have an open seat for a visitor. 

I also didn’t have the budget (or the space) to buy an extra chair or dresser. I knew I needed something small, easy to move around, and, ideally, under $20. But after bopping around my local Target, I found the solution — something so simple, I was shocked I hadn’t thought of it sooner: a small laundry basket. 

Because who said laundry baskets can only be for dirty clothes?

I chose this basket because it’s short, which means I can’t put a ton of stuff in it and end up burying things I need accessible. I love that it comes in a bunch of different colors to match any aesthetic, and the diamond mesh design makes it easy for me to see what items are in it at all times. Also, at $5, it came in at only 25% of the budget I allotted myself!

I absolutely love using this basket as my “grab-and-go” solution — I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. I usually keep mine right next to my dresser so it’s easy to toss items in or pull out pieces while I’m getting ready. I’ve had some friends ask if I ever get this basket mixed up with my dirty clothes basket, and the answer is no! The baskets are two different colors and the dirty laundry basket is bigger, and I’ve made it a habit to sort through this basket and declutter it once a week so it never looks so full that I mistake it for my other basket. It’s a small adjustment to make for the joys of finally having a clothes-free chair to enjoy.

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