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A Coffee Bar & Bookish Decor Makes This Bedroom Feel Like a Cozy Cafe

published Aug 8, 2023
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Merced, California
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Dorm room with white walls, white drawer with tv, tall narrow white shelves with books, candles, photos, plants, corner of bed with gray and white floral blanket, polaroid wall
Credit: Lauren Fant

Lauren Fant, a commuter student who goes to Merced College, upgraded her childhood bedroom to create a sophisticated space to sleep, study, and relax in style.

All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

Credit: Lauren Fant
Wall paint: Glidden Premium’s Delicate White, $16.48 per quart, at Home Depot; MyGift 26-Hook White Wall-Mounted Metal Jewelry Organizer, $22.99, at Amazon

Lauren’s Space

Tell us about your room: I live at home with my family for college because my school is nearby! I knew this would be my situation throughout high school, so I saved up to redo my room when I graduated so I was able to make a change for this new stage of life. It was exciting — I painted, bought new furniture, and decorated to reflect the type of person I was and the things I loved.

What’s your space best known for? Honestly, my Luke’s Gilmore Girls painting that my friend made for me — people seem to love it the most! But otherwise, everyone says they like how clean and cute my room is decorated, and that it makes them feel very comfortable.

Credit: Lauren Fant
Litanika White Comforter Full Size & 2 Pillowcases, $46.99, at Amazon; YIYEA Linen Fitted Sheet with Pillowcase, $34.99, at Amazon; Uewidiod Plush Flower Pillow, $21.99, at Amazon; throw blanket at T.J. Maxx; ArtbyHannah 8 Piece Natural Gallery Wall Photo Frame Set, $42.99, at Walmart; gallery wall prints at Etsy

Lauren’s Style

Define your personal home style: Clean, aesthetic, personalized.

What’s your favorite element of your space? My tiered IKEA shelf unit with different objects and books decorating each shelf. I was able to be really creative and expressive with it.

What’s your favorite DIY project in this room? My coffee station on my desk. I don’t have too much space in my room, but I was able to use part of my desk surface for my coffee station while also having room to work!

Credit: Lauren Fant
MALM 2-drawer chest, $89.99, at IKEA; Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light, $29.95, at Amazon; lamp at Target; mirror at IKEA

Lauren’s Budget

In an effort to remove the stigma associated with talking about money in college, we’re asking students to share how they plan and budget for their space.

How much do you pay for this space? $0, as I live with my parents.

How much did it cost to decorate? Around $600 — I saved up and paid for all of it!

Credit: Lauren Fant
KULLEN 6-drawer dresser, $149.99, at IKEA; LACK wall shelf unit, $99.99, at IKEA; LAGKAPTEN / ALEX desk, $154.98, at IKEA; LOBERGET / MALSKÄR swivel chair, $69.99, at IKEA; Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine, $171.75, at Amazon

What was your biggest splurge for this space and how much did it cost? My biggest splurge was my new furniture, because I wanted to replace my mismatched childhood furniture. I bought all my furniture at IKEA because they have great pricing, so my furniture cost about $400, which includes my desk, nightstand, dresser, and shelf unit.

What was your best budget find for this space? My TV, which was free because my grandparents were getting a new TV, so they gave me their old one!

Credit: Lauren Fant

Lauren’s Advice

What was your biggest challenge in designing this room? I have a small bedroom, so it was a bit challenging to fit everything I wanted to in the space. 

What did you learn from overcoming this challenge? To combine storage and decoration! For example, I love having books, but they’re hard to store in a small space, so rather than have a large bookcase, I use stacks of books as decor in my room.

This submission’s responses were edited for length and clarity.

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Lauren Fant


Lauren Fant lives in California and loves all things decor, organization, and lifestyle. She is interested in social media and content creation — you can find her on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, going outdoors, being creative, going to church, and traveling.

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