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Give Your Space a “Pumpkin Girl Fall” Makeover for Under $80

published Oct 9, 2023
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Fall, in my opinion, is the coziest time of year. (I know, this is such a hot take.) The rich colors, comforting foods, and warm clothes associated with the season all come together for a few months to make everything feel so snug and welcoming.

Of course, the internet has labeled fall — and all the blanket scarves, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and apple orchard selfies that come with the season — kind of basic. But that shouldn’t stop any of my fellow autumn aficionados from living their best cider-sipping, leaf-peeping lives. In fact, after everyone embraced the “Tomato Girl Summer” of 2023, I think we should put our love of fall on full display by giving our homes a touch of the “Pumpkin Girl Fall” aesthetic this season.

You can channel all the best parts of fall with just a few inexpensive decor items that you can easily find online or at your local store. So light a maple-scented candle, bake some chai cookies, and get comfy, because it’s time to transform your space into a fall wonderland.

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This blanket from Target is an easy way to make a big impact on your room’s aesthetic. I mean, imagine studying for midterms or watching You’ve Got Mail wrapped in this blanket. Plus, not only is it inexpensive, but it also gives you a lot of bang for your buck — its orange and cream colorway is very fall-esque, yet subtle enough to use year-round.

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Faux foliage for the win! Potted plants like these can really add to your fall theme by bringing in some warm colors — except with these, you don’t have to worry about keeping anything alive. Not too big and not too small, this arrangement is eye-catching without taking up too much space.

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These battery-operated candles can be a great addition to make your space feel fall-ready — especially if you live in a dorm room (hence the flameless feature). The fake flame brings in a warm, atmospheric type of lighting for all the moody vibes.

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Can’t make it to the pumpkin patch? No problem! This pumpkin plush is a great replacement for the real thing — and you don’t have to worry about it rotting in your room when you inevitably forget to throw it away before going home for Thanksgiving.

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If you’re looking for something specifically for spooky season, this pillow will do the trick — and at this price point, you won’t have to worry about only being able to use it for a few weeks out of the year. (Plus, you can also get a more neutral pillow cover to put over it for the rest of the year.)

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This pumpkin canister is a subtle, seasonal way to store any small objects, from your hair accessories to coffee pods.

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Even if your space is already cluttered, there’s always room to hang things on the wall, or even your headboard. This garland is cute and simple, with tiny hanging pumpkins to add a touch of whimsy to your space.

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