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How to Get the Boho Aesthetic in Your Dorm Room for $185

published Aug 4, 2023
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Aesthetic on a budget collage: textured patterned orange and cream pillow, bed with velvet, faux fur, paisley, warm colors with baskets on wall above, large tree. Circle with boho wall gallery prints
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Remember the death grip that Coachella fashion had on the world in the early 2010s? I’ll never forget the first time I saw Vanessa Hudgens in her iconic, ’70s-inspired outfits from the 2011 festival; I was immediately captivated. Fast forward an entire decade later, and boho is back in all its floral, fringe-y glory — especially in the home decor space! From crochet wall hangings to pampas grass in every available vessel, elements of the boho aesthetic are all over the internet. 

What’s great about this aesthetic is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. I personally chose a boho aesthetic for my dorm room because it makes me feel free and connected to nature. If you’re more of a minimalist, you can decorate with neutral colors and simple woven pieces. If you’re more of a Jungalow devotee, go for animal prints and colorful, abstract patterns.

The best part is, you can transform your entire room into a boho dreamscape for less than the cost of a weekend ticket to Coachella. Check out these seven items that total about $185.

All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

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As the biggest piece of furniture in your dorm room, your bed can set the whole vibe of your space. That’s why your bedding is a great place to start if you want to achieve the boho aesthetic. This sage green comforter evokes an earthy vibe, which is key to the boho look.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

The comforter may be the focus of your room, but this orange textured pillow will stand out beautifully against the green comforter.

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What says “boho” more than fringe macrame wall hangings? Macrame art is a prominent part of the boho look, and displaying it on your wall will add a beautiful yet still neutral focal point to your room.

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was $14.00

If you want your room to feel like a California desert, these wall prints will transport you there. The abstract lines and shapes give a whimsical feel that’s central to the boho aesthetic. I especially love these prints because the warm tones with the pops of blue and green will work with most color schemes.

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was $29.95

Have I mentioned “warm tones” enough yet? Well, I’ll do it again, because it’s that important to embrace warm tones within this aesthetic. That means LED lights are out, and organic-feeling lighting is in. This salt lamp is a great nightlight or reading light for those late evenings spent studying … or, you know, watching endless #OOTD TikToks during festival season.

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Yes, I had to include another macrame piece in this list. These baskets are both practical and cute, and allow you to organize your everyday needs in an aesthetically pleasing way. Bonus: Their neutral color makes them easy to coordinate with any theme, in case you’re blending your boho style with your roommate’s tastes.

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Plants are key to the boho vibe — and no, they do not need to be real. This hanging faux plant will bring dimension to your dorm in all its bohemian glory. You can add one to any corner of your room to make it feel like you have fresh air circulating through your space — even if it’s just because you’re blasting your AC.

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