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The 3-Step Secret to Making Incredible Avocado Toast (Every Time!)

published Feb 27, 2024
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avocado toast on a marble background, sprinkled with Tajin and with a lime wedge squeezed next to it.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Food Styling: Brett Regot

Avocado toast is the perfect food. The combination of rich, buttery avocado on toasted bread is beloved in home kitchens, restaurants, and Instagram feeds alike. Making a simple breakfast at home? Avocado toast. Going out to brunch? Avocado toast (with a mimosa). Posting on TikTok? Avocado toast (with the viral grated egg hack!).

When it comes to making avocado toast at home, I like to keep it simple. While there’s a time and place to add other toppings (like tomato and mozzarella, honey and yogurt, or this variation of egg salad), I’m an avocado toast minimalist. 

For absolutely perfect avocado toast, I always follow these three rules. (And you should too!)

Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Food Stylist: Brett Regot

Mash, Never Slice

No need to go fancy with thinly sliced avocado or elaborate avocado roses. We’ve all seen those perfectly fanned-out avocado slices on toast before, and although they’re very pretty, they’re just too fussy to make. And avocados that you can slice so neatly are often not ripe enough (here’s how to tell if an avocado is ripe). I prefer the creamy texture of mashed ripe avocado for my avocado toast. 

Squeeze with Lime — Always  

This might be a hot take, but lime juice is a must for avocado toast. The acidity of fresh lime juice balances out the richness of the avocado. A squeeze of lime brightens it up a bit and rounds out the flavor. Lemon works too, but lime is better IMO. 

Tajín = Next Level

While a sprinkle of flaky or kosher salt is standard for avocado toast, try taking it to the next level with a sprinkle of Tajín seasoning. Tajín is a Mexican spice mix that’s made with chili powder (a combination of ground chiles de árbol, guajillo, and pasilla), lime, and salt. A balance of spicy, sour, and salty, this seasoning pairs really well with avocado (you can also sprinkle Tajín on watermelon wedges, corn on the cob, or on fruit kebabs). Trust me — it makes the perfect avocado toast.

This post originally appeared on The Kitchn. See it there: 3 Rules for Making the Absolute Best Avocado Toast

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