Blair Donovan

Senior Editor of Style at Apartment Therapy

New York, NY

I’m Apartment Therapy’s Senior Style Editor, where I write and edit content focused on the latest interior design trends, expert decorating ideas, and must-see new home products and brands. I also especially love profiling emerging artists or designers, as well as delving into design history topics — whether it’s uncovering the origins of mid-century modern furniture pieces or recapping the biggest U.S. home styles from the past century. Previously, I’ve held editorial and copywriting positions at Brides magazine and Macy’s. In my 6+ years of experience, I interviewed celebrities and well-known designers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sabrina Bryan, Nate Berkus, and Jeremiah Brent. In 2023, I also designed a dorm room-themed space for Apartment Therapy’s annual New York-based pop-up event, Small/Cool. Whenever I’m not keeping tabs on the next TikTok “core” or buzzy IKEA collection, I’m most likely reading a book on my stoop, online shopping, or looking for the best tacos in New York (recs are encouraged).