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Obsessed with GRWM Vids? Follow These 6 College TikTokers

published Jul 31, 2023
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Confession: I can’t stop watching GRWM videos. The ones created by fellow college students are always my favorites because the stuff they talk about often hits close to home, and the events they’re getting ready for are the same events I’m often getting ready for (like internships and parties, not full-time jobs or high school football games other creators might be attending). It’s like these creators are welcoming me into their dorm rooms and we’re catching up as we get ready for another day at school.

TikTok queen Alix Earle is maybe the most famous creator in the college GRWM space. Her viral videos showed fans the behind-the-scenes deets on her best fashion and beauty looks as she discussed everything from the state of her bedroom (which was often very messy, but no shade) to the shenanigans she got up to as a student at the University of Miami. This type of content served as a reminder to her fans that, despite her ultra-glam lifestyle, she was a college kid just like the rest of us. But Earle has now graduated, and while she’s still out there creating fire content in her postgrad era, I’m going to deeply miss her college-specific GRWM videos, and I know I can’t be the only one. 

Here are six creators who just might be able to step into her shoes.


Gabrielle Ragsdale (@gabzxrags), 19, is a student at the University of San Francisco studying business marketing. This creator provides helpful tutorials for styling textured hair as well as GRWM videos of her trendy outfits. For her longer posts, such as her wig installations, Ragsdale will talk for the entire video, providing a sense of intimacy that truly feels like a phone call from a friend. What initially drew me into Ragsdale’s content is her humor and comical editing style — you can feel her personality through her daily outfit inspiration and hilarious conversation.


Marla Catherine Henry (@marlacatheriine), a 20-year-old attending Utah Valley College, shows followers a realistic glimpse into a college student’s daily life. Most of her GRWM videos are set to upbeat trending audio as she takes viewers through the steps of her getting-ready routine. What makes Henry’s content unique is how transparent she is about her experiences with acne; she’s currently documenting her journey using Accutane, and the comments on her video serve as evidence of how her honesty and openness are helping her followers. As someone who has watched Henry for years, I’ve seen firsthand how her content can be truly inspirational as she balances working as a creator, digging into her hobbies, spending time with family, and being a full-time student.


Derek Deng (@dereksheeran) took a college class on influencing, so it’s no wonder the Duke University student’s TikTok gets an A. His GRWM videos range from vibey vignettes set to catchy music, to discussions about his experience as a gay Asian student in the South. If you like your trendy makeup looks served with a side of witty humor, Deng should be an instant follow.


Armin Arshe (@arminarshe), 22, is a BA student at the University of Texas at Dallas. She has one of the most aesthetically pleasing accounts I have ever seen, featuring a consistent color palette of pink and pastels. Her content consists of GRWM videos, unboxings, and fashion inspiration, while her honest voiceovers make even her most aspirational videos feel down-to-earth. She often shares the products she’s enjoying, her hobbies, details about herself, and her experiences at school. 


Rising University of Wisconsin-La Crosse sophomore Bryn Sato (@brynieboo) is taking over TikTok at the age of 19 with a whopping 1.7 million followers. Her GRWM videos are typically very short, providing viewers with hairstyles they can do within minutes, often with inexpensive drugstore products. Her videos usually have a very light and cheerful vibe with upbeat music in the background, which makes her page a positive and comfortable place to be in the sometimes overwhelming world of TikTok. 


Twenty-year-old Aaliyah Hermansyah (@gotchathere) is a Savannah College of Art and Design student whose content puts her creativity and confidence on display. She has conversations with her viewers as she gets ready, and often experiments with artistic looks when she purchases new makeup. If you enjoy fuller-coverage makeup looks served with some sass, this account is for you. Her videos have a loose and fun sense of chaos to them — especially when she’s telling stories about her life.

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